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Farmers taking advantage of falling feed material prices this winter by including more cereals in the diet need to pay close attention to feed formulations.   
While reducing on farm costs is beneficial, careful consideration should be given to ration formulation, as including high levels of starch presents its own nutritional challenges when feeding the dairy cow.


Rumibuff TMR cows



Starch ferments quickly in the rumen producing volatile fatty acids (VFA’s) and dropping the pH. The dairy cow will try to meet the acid challenge by ‘chewing it’s cud,’ a natural process which produces sodium bicarbonate.  This is particularly challenging when silage is wetter, as many first cut silages appear to be this year, and acid loading is greater.

In addition, for many high yielding dairy cows fed high levels of feed to meet energy demands this natural buffering process is not enough to meet the acidosis challenge from the diet, so they require additional buffer supplementation.

Lactating dairy cows can produce over 200 litres of alkaline saliva every day, recycling more than 2.5kg/d of sodium bicarbonate into the rumen. Recent research  shows sodium bicarbonate has only a short term effect in the rumen as a buffer, however it is produced by the cow steadily during the rumination process over the day to provide a continuous effect. While this mechanism works for most cows, if sodium bicarbonate is supplemented in the feed once or twice per day much of the buffering is lost either in the TMR mix or shortly after feeding.


Rumibuff Sodium Bicarb

This led  us as far away as Iceland in a search to find a better feeding solution and the development of a new rumen buffer ‘Rumibuff’. While many conventional rumen buffers use sodium bicarbonate, Rumibuff contains a balance of carefully selected natural marine algae and natural antioxidants. Rumibuff's original honeycombed structure increases the surface area and breaks down more slowly than conventional buffers in the rumen, providing a continuous buffering action to meet the acid production from the diet, particularly when starch fermention is at its maximum.


Rumibuff Honeycombed

Rumibuff honeycombed microstructure


Rumibuff is a good sustainable source of bioavailable minerals and trace elements deposited naturally from the sea, together with a combination of natural antixoxidants and vitamins, which helps to condition the rumen microbes for increased dry matter intake and improved performance.
Recent trials at INRA (2013) have shown increases in DMI of over 1.3% and milk yield of more than +4% accompanied with an increase in milk fat and protein content. Recent farm trials have also shown milk fat and protein improvements as a result of better fibre digestion in the rumen and more energy made available to the cow.

For a herd of 150 cows yielding on average 30 litres per day the extra milk is worth around £1620 per month at todays milk price. That’s a return of over 6:1, without taking into account other benefits such as reduced incidence of lameness and better fertility.

The resulting milk fat yield and profile can be evaluated using Visiolac milk analysis. Visiolac milk analysis and nutrition tools provide the inside story on feed efficiency, cow health, saturated fats, Omega 3 and methane.

Some of the other methods used to measure the buffering effect included cow signals, in particular measuring the number of chewing movements, since the process of ‘chewing the cud’ is a good indicator of bicarbonate production and rumen function. The results below are impressive and could be used to monitor your own stock.

 Rumibuff Chewing

Another physical sign was measured by examining the quality of the manure. Over a 6 week period there was an improvement in manure consistency with a gain of 0.5 points on manure score, due to improved rumen conditions and feed digestion.

Rumibuff Scoring

Overall physical, analytical and production indicators show Rumibuff revitalises the rumen, providing effective control of acidosis. For high yielding dairy cows or intensively fed beef cattle, adding Rumibuff to the diet this winter will help to improve the animals own natural buffering system, leading to increased production



50 – 100 g/head/day lactating dairy cows

25-100 g/head/day beef cattle (15g/100kgs liveweight)

10-20 g/head/day sheep & milking goats

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UK Dairy Day 17th September 2014

Added 8th September 2014


UK Dairy Day Logo


DAIRY DIRECT will be supporting the UK dairy industry by attending the very 1st UK Dairy Day on Wednesday 17th September

Please do come along as see us.  Hosted at Telford International Centre, TF3 4JH


Our fantastic sales team will be there.  We are looking forward to seeing old & new faces, so please do come and say hello and enjoy a drink with us.

In true DAIRY DIRECT style, there will be a prize draw where you can win fantastic prizes.

If you have any questions, or would simply like to say hello, please come along and introduce yourself.  We would really love to see you.

Everything you need to know can be found on

DAIRY DIRECT will be supporting the UK dairy industry by attending The (Bath & West) Dairy Show on Wednesday 1st October 2014

Added 22nd August 2014 Update 8th September 2014

bath&west logobath&west

The show attracts over 300 trade stands from across the country and beyond and with over 250 cattle this show is the place to be seen and visit.

Our fantastic sales team will be there.  We are looking forward to seeing old & new faces, so please do come and say hello. 

We can be found in Dartmoor Pavillion stand number 262

The show as ever continues to provide the dairy farmer or farm manager with a complete "one stop shop" event at which to meet the milk buyers, feed suppliers, AI companies and consultants, plus it showcases an extensive display of agricultural machinery and equipment.

Dairy cattle are at the heart of the show with 300 entries covering the six main breeds, plus classes for calves and Junior Showmanship classes to encourage the exhibitors of the future. The classes reach an exciting climax at the end of the day with each breed champion judged by a panel of five experts who mark the entrants out of ten, with all competitors hoping for the elusive 50 out of 50.

In true DAIRY DIRECT style, there will be a prize draw where you can win fantastic prizes.

If you have any questions, or would simply like to say hello, please come along and introduce yourself.  We would really love to see you.

Everything you need to know can be found on

This one day show is hosted at The Royal Bath & West of England Society, The Showground, Shepton Mallet, Somerset BA4 6QN

The showground is easily accessible from the M5 and is situated along the A371 Castle Cary – Shepton Mallet road. We are approximately 25 miles from Bristol and 20 miles from Bath. Please go to the individual sections for further information on bus, rail or taxi travel.

SPECIAL SEASONAL OFFER DAIRY DIRECT Sheep Extra Energy + Fish Oil Sheep 22 litre Tupping Buckets

Added 1st August 2014



Nat F M  Sheep Pic


DAIRY DIRECT  Sheep Extra Energy & Fish Oil is a purpose formulation supplement for feeding to breeding ewes prior to mating. It is also suitable for feeding to ewes as an energy source 4-6 weeks before lambing.  Pre tupping bucket with protein and energy sources coming from the inclusion of soya, fish oil and high energy.

 ME 15.2 MJ/KG


  • Soya is a quality degradable and un-degradable protein source
  • Fish Oil supplies a high quality Omega 3, which provides amino acid rich oils.  This has been shown to enhance oestrus during the mating cycle. Omega 3 has also been shown to improve egg quality and quantity.


  • Energy supplied by readily available sugar in the form of molasses and rumen protected fats in the form of calcium soaps.


  • ME of 15.2MJ/kg ensures a good energy balance whilst maintaining high palatability.  Energy is required to maintain condition on the ewes, and encourage strong mating behaviour.


Recommended feeding rates

Approximate intake of 100g/h/d

100 ewes = 10kg/day

100 ewes for 42 days = 420kg


6 Weeks Prior to Tupping



26th June

7th August

1st January

10th July

21st August

15th January

27th July

7th September

1st February

10th August

21st September

15th February

25th August

6th October

1st March

8th September

20th October

15th March

25th September

6th November

1st April

9th October

20th November

15th April

25th October

6th December

1st May


Available in 22 litre buckets (25 kgs per bucket) 40 per pallet



31st December 2014


Price (based on 1tonne delivered)


England, Wales & South Scotland                                    


North Scotland (north of Glasgow and Edinburgh line)    



SAVING YOU £20/t in comparison to our usual price


Discounts available for larger deliveries


For more information incuding full specification please give us a call on 01638 717866

CORKING Caustic Soda Special Offer From … £489/t delivered

Added 23rd July 2014 EXPIRED

(Offer expires 01.08.2014.  Price dependent on volumes required and location)


With November wheat futures hitting the £130 mark we can expect that home grown cereals will be a very popular inclusion in this  Winter’s diets.


Caustic treated cereals are an excellent source of energy, protein and Rumen buffering.

The Benefits:-

  • No drying costs
  • No chemical preservative required (Proprionic Acid, Crimp Store, etc)
  • No further processing prior to feeding
  • Natural rumen buffer helping to promote stable rumen conditions, which is essential for efficient feed utilisation, thus reducing the risk of problems associated with  feeding high levels of rolled cereals or acidic silages
  • Reduced acid loading in the rumen, therefore encouraging increased milk yield and quality in dairy cows and increased liveweight gains and feed conversion in beef cattle

Sodagrain treatment puts you in control.  One simple process, using your mixer wagon, will preserve and treat moist (or dry) cereals, leaving them ready to feed without further processing.  No Propionic, crimping or rolling required.

DAIRY DIRECT delivers Caustic Soda throughout the UK.

Our prices are very competitive.
Our service is award winning.

Buy now, and HARVEST the rewards this Autumn.

Call us on 01638 717866 for a quotation, or for more information on the Sodagrain process click here

Sioe Frenhinol Cymru 2014 21 -24 Gorffennaf

Added: 17 July 2014


Nifer Mynychwyr 2013: 241,781

Dim ond 3 diwrnod 18 awr a 37 munud tan y Sioe Frenhinol Cymru 2014

Mae rôl Sioe Frenhinol Cymru heddiw yn un gron. Yn ogystal â'i phrif swyddogaeth o arddangos hufen da byw Cymru a'r bwyd a diod o ansawdd uchel a gynhyrchir yng Nghymru, mae'n cwmpasu sbectrwm ehangach ffermio a bywyd gwledig ac yn pontio'r bwlch rhwng gwlad a thref yn llwyddiannus.


2014 Royal Welsh Show  21 -24 July

2013 Attendance: 241,781

The role of the modern Royal Welsh Show is a rounded one. As well as its principal function of showcasing the cream of Welsh livestock and the high quality food and drink produced in Wales, it encompasses the wider spectrum of farming and rural life and successfully bridges the gap between town and country.

Linda Tate will be representing DAIRY DIRECT at the Royal Welsh Show on Wednesday 23rd & Thursday 24th July.  Linda will be predominantly by the cattle ring and at the rendezvous point next to the cattle ring identifiable by a DAIRY DIRECT waistcoat if it is not too hot!  Linda will have details of an exclusive show offer, so If you would like details of this offer or would simply like to meet with Linda to say hello, please give her a call on 07769-648001.

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