Magnesium Supplementation – SPECIAL OFFER

Added: 4th March 2016

Magnesium deficiency – don’t stagger into spring!  

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  • Magnesium plays an important role in nerve function, deficiency leads to problems resulting in grass staggers (hypomagnesaemia).
  • Spring grass is low in available Mag, this is due to rapid growth and lock up of potash.
  • Generally excess Mag in the diet cannot be stored and there is only around 4 grams circulating in the blood.
  • It is important to provide a regular supply, as Mag fed in the morning can be used up by the afternoon.
  • To maintain 4g Mg circulating in blood a regular daily dietary supply totalling 25-50g per cow per day is essential.
  • Salt (sodium chloride) can also enhance Mag uptake from the rumen so it is important to ensure adequate levels in the total diet

Mag Chloride Flakes

Dissolve 250g in 100 litres of water to provide 30g/h/d of Magnesium.

Ensure no access to any other water source. This should be used as a quick fix and generally is not seen as a long term solution.

This is due to the variations in water intakes according to weather conditions.

Calcined Magnesite (magnesium oxide)

Does not contain calcium, add to buffer feed at 50g/h/d to provide 30g/h/d. Can be very unpalatable recommended use as In Feed only.

Hi Mag Buckets

Very palatable Molasses based bucket. With highly available source of Magnesium.

A convenient 24/7 supplement to ensure animals have access during higher risk periods through the day.

Option of added copper available for cattle. Soil association approved buckets available for organic systems.

March Madness!

Added: 3rd March 2016

Splendid  Sodium Bicarbonate Sale

Call 01359 272951 for details – Limited tonnage – don’t miss out!


Why use Sodium Bicarbonate?

  • Improved forage intakes
  • Effective fibre digestion
  • Higher milk yields
  • Enhanced milk quality
  • Increased butterfat
  • Improved feed conversion and live weight gain

Guideline feed rates:

Dairy     200-250 g/h/day

Beef      100-150 g/h/day (Silage based ration)

Beef      1-1.5% inclusion (cereal based ration)

Fun Stuff Page Artwork Competition

Added: 26th February 2016

We are receiving fantastic entries from the children within our farming community.  Thank you to all that have sent a picture in so far.  These will be posted to our ‘Fun Stuff Page’ on the Dairy Direct website next week.

Please continue to send in your children’s farming artwork by post or email to

Don’t forget the winner will receive £25 worth of Amazon Vouchers!

Many thanks for your support from all at Dairy Direct.


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